CNN: Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project Featured on Inside Africa

Photo credit: Luke Hunter

Saturday,  August 13, 2011: CNN Inside Africa visits Aid for Africa member Panthera’s Munyawana Leopard Project in South Africa’s Phinda Game Reserve to report on the project’s innovative leopard conservation work, the benefits of wild leopard populations to humans, the threats facing Africa’s dwindling leopard populations, and much more.

Watch the program to see Panthera’s Leopard Program Coordinator, Tristan Dickerson, track and collar a large, male leopard in Phinda and learn more about the research and human-leopard conflict mitigation techniques used to protect Phinda’s declining population of approximately 300 leopards. Watch the video.

Panthera conserves the world’s remaining wild cats, including the imperiled African lion, cheetah, and leopard. Panthera works with local people and partners with international nonprofits, scientific institutions, and local/national governments to ensure that conservation efforts are community driven, scientific, and successful.  Then we have it all when someone clicks on it.