September 2015

Is It Possible To “End” Poverty? New Research Says Yes

Village Enterprise equips people living in extreme poverty in rural Kenya and Uganda to create sustainable businesses.

In a world where extreme poverty seems insurmountable, it is refreshing to be part of an alliance of organizations that are effectively making a difference in the lives of people in Africa. Aid for Africa’s member organizations are grassroots, bottom-up endeavors that empower Africans to find a way out of poverty. Now scientific evidence proves that this approach, undertaken in the right way, actually works. Learn how Aid for Africa members The BOMA Project and Village Enterprise are doing it right.

Will Ending Trophy Hunting Save Africa’s Lions?

Cecil was illegally killed in a trophy hunt gone wrong in Zimbabwe.

Luke Hunter, president of Panthera, an Aid for Africa member working to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action, fills in the facts about Cecil’s death in Zimbabwe. African lion populations are declining in most African countries, but not because of trophy hunting. Wildlife conservation requires financial resources that African countries do not have. Read his views on trophy hunting, lion decline and lion conservation in Africa

Fistula Treatment Ends Child Bride’s Isolation

Saidou suffered an obstetric fistula at age 16 during the birth of her stillborn child.

Saidou was forced to marry at age 14. Two years later she suffered an obstetric fistula, which left her incontinent, leaking urine and feces, and ostracized by her family and community. Saidou traveled from her home in Nigeria to Niger, where she found healing and hope at the Danja Fistual Center, which is supported by Worldwide Fistula Fund. Read how the Center is helping women like Saidou start their lives again.


Can African Women Beat the Education Odds?

In June, Barikisu Muntari-Sumara graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University in Ghana.

Barikisu is one of the lucky ones. In Ghana, at age 13 she resisted being married off. She became a street hawker to pay for high school, where odds were against her graduating. But she persevered and then received a scholarship to attend Aid for Africa member Ashesi University. Despite the obstacles of poverty and gender, Barikisu is a university graduate. Read how she beat the odds.

Retooling Health Services for Internal Refugees in South Sudan

In South Sudan, 1.4 million refugees within the country have been forced from their homes because of fighting.

Thousands of refugees streaming into Europe from Syria are capturing headlines. In South Sudan, 1.4 million refugees within the country have been forced from their homes because of fighting. These internal refugees often don’t make the news because their displacement doesn’t disrupt another country. But their suffering and need is just as great. The John Dau Foundation, an Aid for Africa member founded by genocide survivor of the same name, has seen its mission shift to provide health care for thousands of these internally displaced persons. Read about it.

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