December 2016


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Women Solar Light Entrepreneurs Energize African Communities

With a solar lantern, children are able to prepare for school in the evening.

Solar lights and efficient cook stoves are transforming the lives of families and communities in rural Africa thanks to the growing ranks of women entrepreneurs trained and supported by Solar Sister. More than 2,700 women are helping to eradicate energy poverty in their communities in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. Here’s Julieth’s story.

Veterinarians Make House Calls to Save Gorillas

Mountain gorillas live in the high altitudes of national parks in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

A few decades ago, mountain gorillas were on the verge of extinction. Today, thanks to a group of dedicated veterinarians and scientists known as Gorilla Doctors, mountain gorillas are the only population of great apes growing in numbers. How did they do it? READ HOW

When a Maasai Girl Graduates Her Community Benefits

Abigail Simaloi Pertet attends EARTH University in Costa Rica, where she is studying agriculture.

Abigael Simaloi Pertet was able to attend sixth grade through high school thanks to scholarships from the Maasai Girls Education Fund. She played it forward by starting an NGO in her community focused on tree planting. Learn what she plans to do in her home community next year, when she returns as a university graduate.

Thank you for Your Gifts to Aid for Africa!

Thank you for the support and interest you have shown in the work of Aid for Africa and its members in 2016. Please help us build our programs by making a year-end donation. Thank you for helping Africans help themselves. Your gifts change lives!

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