August/September 2014


Fighting Ebola Through Local Networks

World Hope International is providing protective clothing and other supplies to hospitals fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone and is using its networks throughout the country to educate about Ebola.

Crises like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa highlight the problem of foreign aid workers who are too integrated into the system. When catastrophe strikes, they are the first to leave. Development that is driven by nationals makes all the difference. In Sierra Leone World Hope International, an Aid for Africa member organization, is helping to contain the Ebola crisis through well established networks. Almost all of its 100 staff members are Sierra Leoneans, who are training medical workers and educating the public about Ebola care and safety. Learn more.

Charity Plus Business Means Better Development

African farmers barely able to provide for their families are now creating abundant income-producing forest gardens and “planting it forward.”

In arid and degraded areas of Sub Saharan Africa, farmers once barely able to provide for their families are now creating abundant forest gardens and passing on their knowledge to neighbors. Farmers are “planting it forward” with the help of Trees for the Future, an Aid for Africa member, which has worked with more than 300,000 families throughout Africa and other parts of the world to turn degraded land to sustainable production. Learn how planting it forward works.

Why Are We Are Still Fighting Polio and Leprosy?

Community health workers in Kibera, Kenya carrying a polio vaccination kit.

Many people believe that polio and leprosy have been eradicated or are no longer a threat. But in many parts of the world, particularly Sub Saharan Africa, these and other communicable diseases remain. Two Aid for Africa organizations—Carolina For Kibera and American Leprosy Missions—are working to wipe them out. Read the blog.


Spotlight on Helping Children Worldwide

Students supported through Helping Children Worldwide no longer live in dangerous, neglectful situations.

Helping Children Worldwide is an Aid for Africa member working to combat child labor, promote education and fund Mercy Hospital in Sierra Leone. Recently, the organization has shifted its priorities to include the Ebola outbreak. The organization’s Sierra Leonean staff is now working in the communities surrounding Bo, the country’s second largest city, to educate the population about the causes and spread of Ebola and the proper care for Ebola sufferers. Helping Children Worldwide is ensuring that Mercy Hospital remains fully operational and has is supplying personal protective clothing to hospital staff. Learn more.

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