April 2013


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April 2013

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Member Highlights

EcoAgriculture Partners

Millions of African families rely on small plots of land and home gardens for food. EcoAgriculture Partners works to help these families and community groups by promoting farming methods that increase food production and allow surrounding biodiversity to thrive. For example, farmers in Kenya and Uganda now practice land clearing methods that leave trees and bushes intact as wildlife habitat and plant crops that nurture the soil. By sharing best practices through their global network, EcoAgriculture Partners is helping to reverse the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

The Fregenet Foundation

The Fregenet Foundation cares for impoverished children in Ethiopia through a unique model that provides meals, clothes, basic medical care, and all educational costs for 245 impoverished children between the ages of four and ten. Using a community-based approach, Fregenet cultivates partnerships with health agencies, community organizations, orphanages, and others to support their students. In the long term Fregenet hopes to replicate its educational model across Ethiopia to other needy children.

Aid for Africa logo

Aid for Africa is a unique alliance of U.S.-based charities and their African partners dedicated to helping children, families, and communities throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Our grassroots programs focus on health, education, economic development, arts & culture, conservation, and wildlife protection in Africa.

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As Earth Day approaches later this month, Aid for Africa celebrates our members working to improve the environment in Sub Saharan Africa. Whether they are distributing more efficient stoves to reduce harmful emissions or promoting farming techniques that increase food production and allow biodiversity to thrive, our members are helping communities live healthier lives. Learn more about how Aid for Africa members are working to improve the environment.

Member Updates

Reducing Climate Change With Cleaner Stoves
A recent study found that black carbon, which is mostly “soot” formed in the combustion of wood and fuels, is the second most important contributor to global climate change. African Rainforest Conservancy has been providing more efficient stoves in the forested mountain and coastal areas of Tanzania, thus reducing emissions by half.  Solar Cookers International supports solar cooker development in Africa and throughout the world. Learn more about the efforts of these organizations to reduce black carbon.

Expanding Access to Clean Water
Last month the world focused its attention on water. We were reminded that in Sub Saharan Africa, 780 million people still do not have access to clean water and that children under age five are most at risk from water-borne disease and death. Through its well projects, charity: water and World Hope International have made safe water accessible for more than 1.5 million people in Sub Saharan Africa. H2O for Life has brought clean water and sanitation to schools in eight Sub Saharan African countries.  A Glimmer of Hope Foundation has funded more than 2,000 water projects in Ethiopia. Learn more about these efforts to provide clean water.

Saving Africa’s Elephants
In recent weeks the world has learned of the rapid increase in the slaughter of Africa’s elephants by poachers—more than 25,000 elephants in 2012.  An increasing demand for ivory in Asia, particularly China, has resulted in an unprecedented loss of both savannah and forest elephants throughout the continent.  If left unchecked, poaching deaths could result in the extinction of the African elephant by 2020. The Wildlife Conservation Network, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Friends of Africa International are working with communities and governments in Africa to save the elephants. Last month 177 countries agreed to push for new measures of protection for the African elephant, but more needs to be done. You can help: Sign and share Aid for Africa’s pledge to keep up the pressure. Learn more about efforts to save Africa’s elephants.

Educating and Empowering Girls
Phoebe Amoako of Ghana personifies the achievements of women celebrated on International Women’s Day. One of three children raised by a single mother, Phoebe is in her second year at Ashesi University thanks to scholarship support she received from the Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund. A whiz in computer programming, Phoebe hopes one day to use her skills to help others. Learn more about Phoebe’s inspiring story.
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