Member Services

Launched in 2004, Aid for Africa is a partnership of U.S.-based charitable organizations working on the ground in Africa to solve the complex, inter-related challenges facing the continent.

Aid for Africa supports its member organizations in a number of ways. We:

  • Facilitate participation in online and other public funding programs
  • Create public awareness and educational campaigns on African issues
  • Promote collaboration among our members by serving as a forum for discussion, a clearinghouse for shared results, and a greenhouse for nurturing and planning future projects

Outreach Campaigns
Aid for Africa conducts public awareness and outreach campaigns. The goal is to raise awareness of the work and accomplishments of Aid for Africa members.

Member Collaboration
Aid for Africa brings its members together to discuss issues of interest, including their accomplishments, challenges, and goals. Meetings are opportunities to share information, learn from each other, and develop collaborative relationships.

Internet Giving and Outreach
The effective use of interactive technology is now an essential component of every nonprofit’s success. Aid for Africa facilitates its members’ use of the internet by creating a central location for those interested in African causes to find organizations that they can trust. The Aid for Africa web site highlights the stories of our members, facilitates online giving and provides a clearinghouse of our members’ volunteer opportunities.