Village Enterprise

Equips people living in extreme poverty in rural Kenya and Uganda to create sustainable businesses. Provides training, mentoring, savings/credit groups, and seed grants.

village-enterprise-photo1Village Enterprise’s unique and proven model gives hard-working people the opportunity to transform a small grant into a new business, a better standard of living, and hope for the future. It helps them develop business plans and launch and sustain small businesses, such as farming, animal husbandry, bicycle repair shops, vegetable stands or used clothing stores.

To date, Village Enterprise has launched more than 33,000 micro-enterprises in East Africa and permanently changed the lives of more than 700,000 people. Program evaluations have shown that after one year, 88 percent of new businesses created since 1987 with our help are still thriving, and after four years, 75 percent are still operating.

Proven Results

The most recent independent assessment of our work found that one Village Enterprise-assisted business supports the lives of 21 people. Each business is owned by 3 entrepreneurs and on average, each business owner supports 7 dependents.

  • After the one-year graduation program, participants increased their standard of living by 35 percent.
  • Food and nutrition: food consumption and security was enhanced by 178 percent and protein in diet increased 4 times.
  • Business Savings: after 1 year, individuals saw a 200 percent increase in individual savings and $455 savings per business savings group.

Contact Information

Village Enterprise
751 Laurel Street, PMB 222
San Carlos, CA 94070
T: (650) 802-8891
F: (650) 802-8890

Financial Information

Village Enterprise is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Members of a Ugandan community who are benefiting from micro-enterprise projects supported by Village Enterprise.
Video: Our Microentreprise Development Model and Successes
Photo: Members of the Ilongol Goat Supply business, located near Tororo, Uganda. Sixty percent of VEF-funded businesses are owned by women.

Donate Now to Village Enterprise


Your contribution makes a big difference in East Africa. For example:

  • $50 funds mentoring and training for 3 entrepreneurs
  • $100 provides seed capital to purchase 20 chickens or 5 goats
  • $150 provides seed capital for a tailoring, goat, or carpentry business
  • $250 funds a business for 3 entrepreneurs, lifting a total of 15 people out of extreme poverty
  • $1000 covers training, seed capital and mentoring for 4 new businesses

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer two kinds of internships – Field Internships in Africa and US Office Internships. Work on projects that directly affect the people and communities with whom Village Enterprise Fund works in East Africa.


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To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

Aid for Africa
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