Trees for the Future

Plants trees in Africa and elsewhere through self-help reforestation and environmentally sustainable development projects. Provides technical training, planning, and tree seedlings to local groups.

Many people in developing countries live on severely degraded land. These land conditions directly affect their living standards: it is very difficult to grow food, collect firewood, or make a living off the land. Degraded land also contributes to global warming — when trees are gone, they can no longer remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

trees-future-photo1Trees for the Future (TREES) is a grassroots program that helps people living on degraded land to improve their lives through environmentally sound development projects. Through our network of technicians, volunteers, and community leaders, we provide technical knowledge on agroforestry, reforestation, and sustainable development, along with planting materials. We help communities return their land to sustainable production.

TREES has worked with more than 300,000 families in nearly 12,000 communities in Africa and elsewhere. These families have planted over 60 million trees, restoring 87,000 acres of degraded land to sustainable high productivity.

In Senegal, for example, we are training farmers in agroforestry, fruit tree production, reforestation, and vegetable production. Families are seeing how agroforestry can revolutionize the way they collect firewood, fertilize their soil, feed their animals, and expand their lucrative vegetable gardens. What began as an effort to promote one agroforestry technique in one community has evolved into a district-wide, integrated agroforestry training program. We are currently training 80 families in 20 communities, and have planted over 750,000 trees through the program.

Contact Information

Trees for the Future
P.O. Box 7027
Silver Spring, MD 20907
T: (800) 643-0001 (toll free)

Financial Information

Trees for the Future is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.


Banner photo: Trees for the Future helps grow and distribute thousands of tree seedlings each  year.
Video: It’s Amazing What A Seed Can Grow

Donate Now to Trees for the Future


Due to our extensive network of technicians, volunteers, and community leaders worldwide, your donation of just ten cents plants a tree! Specifically:

  • $40 plants 400 trees.
  • $45 plants 450 trees.
  • $100 plants 1,000 trees.
  • $480 plants 5,000 trees.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help with events and editing and translating books and manuals. Help increase public awareness by talking with schools and other groups. Volunteers also needed to encourage their communities, churches, and civic groups to support tree planting projects.


To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

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