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Earth Institute works throughout Africa and worldwide to reduce poverty, disease, hunger, illiteracy, and environmental degradation through cross-cutting scientific research, education, and implementing practical solutions.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University is the world’s leading academic center addressing the challenges of global sustainable development, particularly in Africa, with a focus on Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. We are leading the way to a sustainable Earth by mobilizing the sciences, education, and public policy. Research in our 32 centers and programs transcends traditional disciplines to address many of the world’s challenges–from climate change to global water issues, from public health to natural disasters. Our academic programs are shaping a new generation of leaders.

earth-institute-photo1More than one billion people live in extreme poverty–surviving on less than $1 a day. They are malnourished, plagued by diseases, lack safe drinking water and sanitation, and are unable to provide education for their children. In response to these great needs, the world’s nations agreed to a set of targets to reduce poverty, hunger, disease, gender inequalities, and to promote education and environmental sustainability. To understand and reach these targets–called the Millennium Development Goals–the Earth Institute is leading a number of research efforts in the areas of agriculture, healthcare, engineering, public policy, and more.

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The Earth Institute at Columbia University is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: For the first time, villagers in Potou, Senegal, turn on the taps for clean water.
Photo: Laying pipe for a water infrastructure project that is bringing safer water to thousands in rural Senegal.

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