Transforms the lives of children born with clubfoot through low-cost, nonsurgical treatment, enabling them to live active, productive and healthy lives. Reaching 31,000 children and counting, our vision is a world free from disability caused by clubfoot

MiraclefeetOne in every 800 children worldwide is born with clubfoot, a birth defect that causes one or both feet to point inward and upward, making it difficult and painful to walk. Only 15 percent of all children born with clubfoot have access to treatment. The other 85 percent remain untreated, suffering terrible stigma and pain, as well as increased rates of neglect, abuse, illiteracy, and lifelong poverty. Yet, clubfoot is easily and effectively treated using the non-surgical Ponseti method (casting and bracing) for less than $500/child.

Currently, one million people globally and 75,000 people in Africa are living with untreated clubfoot.

MiracleFeet works in low- and middle-income countries in Africa and other regions to change the lives of children born with clubfoot by increasing access to treatment. Through MiracleFeet’s support, partners at local clinics deliver high-quality clubfoot treatment at no or low cost. Launched in 2010, MiracleFeet’s partners have helped more than 31,000 children receive treatment for clubfoot, about one third of them in Africa. Additionally, MiracleFeet has collaborated with other organizations working in clubfoot care to develop a 15-year plan, “RunFree2013,” to end clubfoot disability worldwide.

MiracleFeet envisions a world where all children born with clubfoot in Africa and around the world receive treatment, which will enable them to live fully productive, active, and healthy lives.

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Financial Information

MiracleFeet is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Innovative braces developed by MiracleFeet that are provided to clinics throughout Africa.
Photo left: Christina and her daughter, Helena, from Sengerema, Tanzania in the casting phase.

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Help us treat children throughout Africa born with clubfoot. Your donation will change their lives! Each treatment requires the application of casts and braces. It takes up to four braces to complete the treatment. Here’s what your donation will do:

  • $20 provides a child with clubfoot with one brace
  • $40 provides a child with two braces
  • $50 provide a brace, family transportation and casting for one child
  • $100 provides family follow up, bracing, casting and transportation
  • $250 provides full Ponseti treatment to one child
  • $1,000 provides full Ponseti treatment to FOUR children

To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

Aid for Africa
P.O. Box 8734
Topeka, KS 66608

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