Medicine for Mali

Collaborates with partners in Mali, West Africa, in a sustainable approach to improve lives in the villages through medical aid, education, public health, micro-finance loans and clean water wells, while promoting friendship across cultures.

Mali is one of the few democracies in Africa. But it is still a country in desperate need of help–  45 percent of the children are severely malnourished, and one in four dies before the age of five. Only 19 percent of the women in Mali can read.

Medicine for Mali was formed in 2000 after its founders recognized the desperate need of these people. Since then we have conducted some 20 missions to Mali and have supported full time “in country” personnel. We have consistently served more than 8,000 people in an isolated area of the country that has no electric power or clean water. We have implemented several programs that have stabilized the health and wellbeing of this population and strongly promoted a goal of self-sufficiency.

Medicine for Mali’s programs include:

  • medicine-for-mali-photo2Well drilling and clean water distribution systems.
  • Extensive public health education.
  • Vaccination programs.
  • Bed-net distribution to combat malaria.
  • Operation of three clinics.
  • Child survival and nutritional education.
  • High school scholarships.
  • Microfinance loans to 400 people each year, 70 percent of whom are women.
  • Job skills education.
  • “Keep the Girls in School” programs.
  • Optical services to 25,000 individuals.
  • Education of American and Malian medical, public health, and engineering students in the developing world’s needs.

Contact Information

Medicine for Mali, Inc.
4605 80th Place
Urbandale, IA 50322
T: (515) 309-4640
F: (515) 334-2614

Financial Information

Medicine for Mali is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Children and adults in Mali welcome our medical team in front of homemade American flag of welcome.
Photo right: An ill child arrives in Medicine for Mali’s camp and gets Dr. DeVore’s immediate attention.
Photo left: Medicine for Mali nurses use a flashlight to illuminate patient receiving care.

Donate Now to Medicine for Mali


Medicine for Mali is wholly dependent upon your contributions. More than 90 percent of donated funds are spent in Mali, and no member of the U.S. staff receives a salary. Your donation will provide:

  • $20  ten treatments of antibiotics for sick children.
  • $30  a cataract surgery for a blind person.
  • $50  a microfinance loan, given primarily to women.
  • $300 one year of high school education.
  • $5,000 a literacy program for 50 women.
  • $10,000  a deep well of clean water with a pumping system, serving 1,000 people.

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To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

Aid for Africa
P.O. Box 8734
Topeka, KS 66608

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