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Improves the status of Kenyan girls through education. Maasai girls face early marriage as young as 15 often for lack of money for school costs. We link girls from 5th grade to college with educational sponsors. Our girls become teachers, nurses and more.

BEADS for Education improves the status of women in Kenya through  education and business development. Quality education is our major goal, which begins with girls in elementary school with our extensive reading, creative writing, and interactive and student-centered teaching.

To attend high school for a year in Kenya costs about $500, more than the annual average income of most families.  Families who can afford high school tuition usually cannot send all of their children to school, so they select boys. But many families cannot afford to send any of their children to high school.

Since 1998, BEADS for Education has been sponsoring the education of girls from 4th grade through college in Kenya.  Most of the girls are from the Maasai tribe and are the first girls in their families to finish elementary school. Each girl is matched with one sponsor, with whom she communicates regularly. Many sponsors visit the girls, their schools, and their families.

We presently sponsor more than 300 girls, including college students studying education, veterinary science, medicine, accounting, and more.  Our six college graduates are successfully working in their home regions.

In 2013, we opened our own high school to provide the best education available which will be staffed by BEADS sponsored girls who have graduated from college.

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BEADS for Education
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Beads for Education, Inc. is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner Photo: Girls sponsored by BEADS for Education in Isinya, Kenya, “walking for success.”
Photo left: BEADS has built and stocked three libraries. The day the books arrive is always exciting!

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Your donation will help us help more girls get an education.

Here are some examples of what your donation will provide:

  • $20 five books for the elementary school library.
  • $50 help with the completion of classrooms at our partner school.
  • $75 a student's desk.
  • $100 a student's bed.
  • $500 a year of high school for one girl.
  • $2000 a year of college for one girl.

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