Asante Africa Foundation

Ensures quality holistic community-based education in East Africa by creating safe learning environments, strengthening teacher effectiveness in the classroom, and providing scholarships and leadership development for the next generation of change agents.

Asante Africa Foundation believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst to help young people create a future where they live their dreams. We partner with local leaders and educators in East Africa to create safe and healthy learning environments, strengthen teaching quality and enhance learning, provide merit-based scholarships, and promote leadership and entrepreneurship development.

We know that enriched minds collectively create bet­ter solutions to the challenges their communities face. Children who stay in school earn higher wages and tend to have smaller families.  Children are vaccinated, well nourished, and educated. They gain the skills to start community businesses, find their voice, and choose peaceful paths to positive change.

We believe that education spurs positive changes that ripple outward from child to community to the world.

  • Our approach is comprehensive, from access to education to paving the way for success in the classroom and beyond.
  • Our philosophy is collaborative because we know we cannot do it all and that community partnerships strengthen our programs.
  • Our values are rooted in deep respect for the communities we serve so their voices are heard first.
  • Our impact is seen in communities that are breaking barriers of all kinds, achieving academic excellence, and realizing their own potential to fuel more change.

Contact Information

Asante Africa Foundation
337 17th Street, Suite 217
Oakland, Ca 94610
Tel: 925-292-0245

Financial Information

Asante Africa Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

Banner photo: Asante Africa Foundation creates safe and healthy learning environments for students in East Africa.
Photo Left: Students celebrate after receiving new books

Donate Now to Asante Africa Foundation


Here’s what your donation will provide:

  • $30 a school uniform and shoes for one child
  • $40 a desk to seat 3 students
  • $120 a nutritious school meal to 50 children for a month
  • $250 admission to the Leadership Incubator for a gifted student
  • $750 a scholarship to school for one year, including boarding, meals, personal effects, exam fees, and school supplies

Volunteer Opportunities

Asante Africa Foundation has opportunities in the U.S for volunteers in the areas of communications, event coordination, data entry, and grant writing.

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To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

Aid for Africa
P.O. Box 8734
Topeka, KS 66608

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