Carolina for Kibera

Develops and supports local leaders, catalyzes positive change and alleviates poverty in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Driven by local needs, our programs advance health, education, ethnic cooperation, gender equality and economic development.

Dr. Jill Biden visiting Carolina for Kibera in June 2010.

The Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, is a microcosm of many of the world’s most challenging issues — poverty, poor health care, ethnic conflict, water shortage, HIV/AIDS, and lack of women’s rights. With more than 700,000 residents, Kibera is one of the most densely populated urban settlements in the world and east Africa’s largest slum.

Carolina for Kibera fights this abject poverty and helps prevent violence through community-based development in Kibera and beyond. We believe that solutions to poverty are best realized when those affected by it drive change. Outsiders can help by mobilizing people, advising, networking, and providing resources. Ultimately, however, the community has the knowledge and the motivation necessary to solve problems.

Through sports programs, young women’s empowerment, and community development, Carolina for Kibera (CFK) promotes youth leadership and ethnic and gender cooperation. We also work to improve basic healthcare, sanitation, and education. CFK saves lives, prevents ethnic and religious violence, and creates opportunities in a place that outsiders often cast away as hopeless.

Serving as a model for holistic, community-based urban development worldwide, CFK has helped grassroots organizations develop youth-based programs in six other nations and dozens of communities in Kenya. We envision a world where the poor have a voice in their futures and opportunities for healthy growth.

Contact Information

Carolina for Kibera, Inc.
301 Pittsboro Street
Suite 3002
Campus Box 5145
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-5145
T: (919) 962-6362
F: (919) 962-5375

Carolina for Kibera — Kenya
P.O. Box 10763-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Financial Information

Carolina for Kibera is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Two Youth Sports Program participants in their CFK soccer uniforms.
Video: Video by UNC Prof Hap Kindem, interlacing footage of Kibera, Bend it Like Beckham, and the UNC Women's Soccer Team
Photo left: Lorine helps girls in Kibera to feel empowered so that they can enact change they want to see in their community.

Donate Now to Carolina for Kibera


Your donation will support young leaders in Kibera and is an investment in the future and stability of the developing world.  It will provide:

  • $20  anti-malarial medicine for 5 Kibera residents.
  • $50  two wheelbarrows for community clean-ups.
  • $75  training for 11 young leaders in Kibera to become public health peer educators.
  • $100  training for 20 adolescent girls in financial literacy.
  • $200  soccer equipment for one youth sports tournament.
  • $300  electricity for our medical clinic laboratory for 6 months.
  • $500  education for three girls through four years of high school.
  • $1000 support for one CFK Kenyan staff member to attend a global development skills-oriented conference in another African country.

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To donate to this member charity by check, please print our designation form and mail it with your check to

Aid for Africa
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