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Southern Sudan Votes for the Future and Prepares for the Challenges


In Sudan, the south and north fought a civil war for more than three decades.  Beginning January 9 through the 15th, the south is voting to become an independent state.  With few roads to rural areas, very little health care, and an education system in its infancy, the new government will have its hands full.  Aid for Africa member John Dau Foundation–named for Lost Boy John Dau, who escaped the civil war and came to the US– is working to bring health care to the rural areas of Duk County. In addition to expanding health care programs in the region, the Foundation has air-lifted several tons of medicines and other supplies into Duk to prepare for the elections.   The Duk Lost Boys Clinic is the first of its kind in the south and is playing a major role in establishing and maintaining expanding health care.

Photo: John Dau, founder of the Duk Lost Boys Clinic