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Planting the Seeds Toward a Brighter Future

Trees for the Future

Ethiopia - Tamiru Gerite in his garden

Tamiru Gerite lives with his wife and five children in the village of Bedengeltu, in Southern Ethiopia. He works hard as a farmer, but his subsistence fields generate little income. Last year, Aid for Africa member Trees for the Future and their local partner, Greener Ethiopia, began working with Tamiru to start a seedling nursery at his home. They provided polybags, seeds, soil and technical support for him to get started.

Since then, Tamiru has raised some 8,000 tree seedlings, including mango, moringa, coffee and others, which he sold in his community. In his first year, Tamiru earned a profit of about  US $240 (3,200 Ethiopian birr). Tamiru paid school fees for their 5 children, their normal household expenses, and water costs for the nursery. They put the small remainder aside with the hope that the children will be able to go to college.

This is the second blog post celebrating 2011 International Year of the Forest.