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Partners In Health—A Vision of What Can Be


Aid for Africa was founded on the belief that committed individuals working on the ground in Africa can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Like other Aid for Africa member organizations, Partners In Health (PIH) began as a small grassroots organization. It focused on bringing health care to Haiti. Its founders—physician Paul Farmer and social-justice advocate Ophelia partners-in-health-photo2Dahl—believe that the poor have a right to health care and that it can be delivered in a sustainable, effective manner. Since its start in Haiti more than 20 years ago, PIH has created a model that is now used in other countries, including Malawi, Rwanda, and Lesotho in Africa.  As 2010 draws to a close, Parade Magazine recognized PIH’s founders among its outstanding Personalities of the Year. PIH is an example of what can happen when committed individuals start small, work hard, and always remember the people they are serving.

Aid for Africa congratulates Partners In Health and salutes the other visionaries among its members. Whether the goal is creating a more durable bicycle for Africa, helping girls attend school,  drilling wells to provide clean water, or building a world-class university, individuals with vision and  commitment have stepped up to help build a better future for Africa.