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“Greening” Africa

Aid for Africa members work to “green” Africa on Earth Day and every day. Sub Saharan Africa is rich in natural resources and the region has great potential for renewable energy. Yet, climate change, deforestation, and environmental pollution pose a serious threat to its future. Solar solutions to energy use, habitat restoration, and clean water systems are just some of the areas in which our members are making a difference. On this Earth Day and throughout the next weeks, Aid for Africa will focus on members that are making a difference to the Earth and the lives of millions in Sub Saharan Africa.

The photo above is a snapshot of location of TREES projects in Sub Saharan Africa, a vision of green.
A snapshot of Trees for the Future projects in Sub Saharan Africa–a vision of green.

Trees for the Future (TREES) helps people living on degraded land improve their lives through environmentally sound development projects. Through its network of technicians, volunteers, and community leaders, they provide technical knowledge on agroforestry, reforestation, and sustainable development, along with planting materials. TREES has worked with more than 300,000 families in nearly 12,000 communities in Africa and elsewhere. To date they have planted more than 20 million trees in Africa alone.

A bird’s eye view of their progress can be found on Google Earth where 500 projects (40 percent of the total) are recorded with accompanying photos and descriptions. TREES is working to make all of its African projects available and users will soon be able to track progress made at each location over time. Speeding up the mapping process will be the replacement GPS units with Android phones that will provide instant uploads of videos, photos, and project locations. See for yourself how they are turning the Earth green.

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