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Focus on Women: Realizing a Girl’s Potential and Fulfilling her Aspirations through Education

annmusabeWhen Ann Musabe was 16 years old she was in high school in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and in need of support.  She found that support through Aid for Africa member Growth Through Learning. The organization provided a scholarship that allowed Ann to attend the St. Joseph’s Girls Secondary School, where she excelled. That was 2001.  Following high school, Ann was admitted to Uganda’s Makarere University, one of the best universities in East Africa.  Growth Through Learning stepped up again and sponsored her university studies. With this help, Ann graduated as a qualified accountant in 2008.

When Ann graduated from the university she said: “My gratitude is too much to be expressed in words . . . All that I have achieved for the last seven years is all because of [this program]. I am well educated, respected, and can apply for a very good and well paying job. To all those in the program, please use the opportunity that life has given you because with Growth Through Learning  in your life, good things are coming your way  . . .  it changed my life.”  Ann now works as an internal auditor for Care International.

Programs that help African girls and young women attend high school and university are life-changing to their participants. The late Roger Whiting, the founder of Growth Through Learning, knew this when he pulled together support for the organization’s first 12 scholarships in 1998.  Since then, Growth Through Learning has provided some1,900 scholarships to deserving girls and young women. The organization’s vision is “a world where all women receive the education they need to realize their own potential and fulfill their aspirations for themselves, their families, and their community.”  Growth Through Learning is a participant in the Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund.