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Focus on Women: Changing a Young Woman's Story through Education

Maasai Girls Education --Caroline  3 10Caroline Kashinin Senteu is one of only a handful of Maasai women in Kenya with a college education, and although her story began as the story of most Maasai women, Caroline’s determination to get an education gives it a different ending.

Caroline was born in 1985 in Loitokitok, Kenya, to illiterate and very poor parents living the traditional Maasai pastoral life.  Like most Maasai men, Caroline’s father did not believe in educating girls.

When Caroline was a young child, educated women would occasionally come to Loitokitok for meetings with the local women. Caroline was struck by their “power,” and realized that this power could only be obtained through education.  She begged to go to school, and her mother took her. Because she was an excellent student, she was able to get scholarships through primary and secondary school.

After high school, Caroline wanted to go to medical school, but she had no means to pay for it.  Aid for Africa member Maasai Girls Education Fund offered her a scholarship. In December 2008 Caroline graduated from the Kenya Medical Training College with a nursing diploma, and she has since been working at a clinic near her home in Loitokitok, the only female Maasai medical professional ever in the town.  The clinic was started by Aid for Africa member Africa Infectious Disease Village Clinics, which is committed to help provide healthcare to the pastoral Maasai.  Says Caroline,“Something that makes me happy is that I went out of my community empty, but I came back as a professional and a role model to so many people. “


Want to learn more about how education is changing the lives of Maasai girls and women like Caroline? Watch Only through Education, an inspiring video.