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Celebrating the Love, with Thanks

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this week, all of us associated with Aid for Africa send our love and gratitude to our supporters, whose generosity with their time and money has helped improve the lives of children, families, and communities all across Sub Saharan Africa.  You have made a tremendous difference.  Thank you!

A number of our champions have gone the extra mile by holding events for Aid for Africa in their schools, communities, and online. Their inspiring generosity reminds us that when we work together, we can accomplish great things. We highlight some of them below.

When Virginians Dave and Lisa Robertson visited Ethiopia in 2008, they witnessed widespread poverty firsthand, particularly its impact on the children living there. With their own children in mind, they decided that they would donate 50 percent of the profits of their on-line business, All Kids Lamps, to children in need of education, medical care, water, food, clothing, and shelter.  Aid for Africa members have been a major beneficiary of their generosity.

The Aid for Africa Shameless team—Tyler, Alex, and Tom.

Tom Abell and two friends from Illinois State University are big fans of the hit television show Shameless. They are also big fans of Aid for Africa. For five days they competed in Showtime’s Walk of Shameless Competition in New York City, where they put in 12-hour days on a treadmill and performing outrageous stunts for the show. By the end of the competition, they had won a sizable sum for Aid for Africa and raised people’s consciousness about Africa.

This fall, high school senior Brittany Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas, wanted to combine her two passions – dance and helping others.  She undertook a project she called Choreographing for a Cause, which culminated in an event this month that brought together young dancers from the city to showcase their talents and raised funds for the Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund.

And in Lolo, Montana, the eighth-grade class at the middle school combined learning about how to create small businesses with choosing where to donate their profits.  Aid for Africa was pleased to be the beneficiary of this lesson!

Whether you have supported us financially through online, event, or workplace giving or you have shared our blogs and tweets with your friends and families, we send our love and thanks to you.

Interested in raising funds for Aid for Africa in your community? You can now set up a fundraising page through our partner, Razoo, and begin collecting money online for your event from friends and family. Just click the fundraise button on the right-hand side of our page and you’ll be set up in under two minutes.