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Aid for Africa Girls Education Spotlight–Phoebe Amoako

Phoebe Amoaka is in her second year at Ashesi University in Ghana.

Phoebe Amoako– A Passion for Education Realized

Phoebe Amoako grew up in Tema, Ghana, a port city in the southeast of the West African country.  One of three children raised by a single mother, Phoebe has always had a passion for learning. In her early school years it was for math and geography.

After graduating with distinction from Aburi Girls’ Senior High School, she was admitted to Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana. Phoebe’s university scholarship is supported by through Aid for Africa’s focus on girls and young women.

Now in her second year at Ashesi University, Phoebe loves debate and is a wiz at computer programming, something she did not know before she entered college. “Fortunately, the liberal arts curriculum that Ashesi offers made me realize that I had an interest in computer science,” she said.  When she graduates, she expects to put what she has learned to work helping others.

Aid for Africa is dedicated to helping young women like Phoebe achieve their dreams of education. Aid for Africa supports member charities that provide scholarships for girls and young women to attend school – from primary school through college – so that they gain control over their futures.

Ashesi University is a private, nonprofit college in Accra, Ghana. Its mission is to educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders by cultivating in its students critical thinking skills, concern for others, and courage to lead in new ways. Founded just ten years ago, Ashesi University was an African initiative with a bold vision.  When Phoebe graduates, she will join a small but growing number of women with college degrees in Sub Saharan Africa.

Aid for Africa’s focus on education is part of a larger dialogue about access to quality education worldwide. You can empower young women like Phoebe to fulfill their potential, here.