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Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund — Helping girls go to school, stay in school, and succeed in life!

Girls Education Fund 2CollegeStudents2Life is tough for many poor girls in Africa.  Culture and tradition often keeps them at home while their brothers go to school.  Some girls are forced to marry when they are as young as 13 in exchange for a few cows.  If a girl convinces her family to send her to a “free” government school, she often cannot go because she lacks the funds for a uniform or supplies.  And even if a girl begins primary school in Africa, she often doesn’t have the support she needs to continue through high school or college.

The benefits of educating girls and young women in Africa are immense.  Girls who go to school and stay in school are able to find jobs, and they spend most of their incomes on their families.  They marry later and have fewer children, and the children they have are more likely to be healthy.  Educated girls help themselves, their families, their communities, and their countries.

Everyday Aid for Africa’s member organizations witness the plight and promise of girls and young women throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Many members focus their work specifically on helping girls receive an education. The Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund is a mechanism to help these members expand the number of girls they can support in school. Read more