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Charity Organizations that work in Wildlife & Habitat Preservation

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With few exceptions, wildlife populations have been declining in Sub Saharan Africa due to poaching and habitat destruction. Future prospects are grim. Aid for Africa members are working to protect species such as elephants, mountain gorillas, and rhinos, as well as critical habitats that include rainforests, which are home to endangered species of frogs and small mammals. Click on the highlighted letters in the alphabet below to view members working on these issues.

Gorilla Doctors

Saves endangered mountain and Grauer’s gorillas in the wild in east-central Africa with hands-on veterinary care. Cares for baby gorillas rescued from poachers. Trains young Africans in conservation. Conducts research on disease threats to gorillas.
CFC# 40058

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Aid for Africa

Empowers poor African children, women and families to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs that improve health, expand education, create businesses, and protect wildlife.
CFC# 11069

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Wildlife Conservation Network

Supports on-the-ground programs to save endangered elephants, cheetah, lions, painted dogs and other African wildlife and their habitats. We work to engage local people as effective wildlife stewards so that people and animals can coexist and thrive.
CFC# 63038

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Conserving the world’s 40 wild cat species--including the African lion, cheetah and leopard--and their ecosystems. We strive to ensure a future for wild cats through effective global strategies led by the world’s premier cat biologists.
CFC# 84070

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Friends of Conservation – Friends of the Masai Mara

Fosters environmental stewardship in Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara– home to endangered elephants, lions, rhinos– as partners with the Maasai people to preserve this global treasure and ensure their communities continue to benefit from their natural heritage.
CFC# 11883

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