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Charity Organizations that work in Faith-Based Work

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For a number of Aid for Africa members, religious faith underpins the commitment to their work in Sub Saharan Africa. Through their grassroots development efforts in education, healthcare, social justice, and more, these organizations foster change by empowering the poor with hope and dignity. Aid for Africa members are stamping out leprosy, building schools, and training doctors. Click on the highlighted letters in the alphabet below to view members whose work is faith-based.

East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation

Provides ultrasound and other radiology equipment as well as radiology education and training for medical staff in Tanzania to improve care for pregnant woman, cancer and cardiac patients, and others who would otherwise suffer needlessly.
CFC# 11882

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Water to Thrive

Brings clean, safe water to rural African communities. Builds wells and conducts hygiene, sanitation and maintenance training leading to long-term sustainability of the water projects. Supported by U.S. individuals, communities, congregations and schools.
CFC# 91057

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ChildVoice International

Restores the voices of children silenced by war. Operates therapeutic communities for adolescent girls and their children providing trauma counseling, education and vocational training, with the aim to return them home empowered and transformed.
CFC# 93598

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Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope

Empowers the future leaders of Africa through education and health care initiatives. Our programs teach children to read and provide health education and clean water to families.
CFC# 24228

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Aid for Africa

Empowers poor African children, women and families to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs that improve health, expand education, create businesses, and protect wildlife.
CFC# 11069

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Uganda Christian University Partners

Helps Uganda Christian University achieve its vision as a center of excellence in the heart of Africa by supporting scholarships and academic programs and by facilitating partnerships with academic institutions and professionals in the U.S.
CFC# 11888

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World Hope International

Works to holistically alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice in Africa and around the world through clean water, education, agribusiness, anti-trafficking, health and emergency relief initiatives.
CFC# 11639

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RISE International

Believes every child should have the chance to go to school to learn to read and write. RISE builds primary schools in rural Angola to educate children, empower communities and contribute to the rebuilding of the country.
CFC# 23149

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American Leprosy Missions

For more than 110 years, we have helped people with leprosy and related diseases in Africa and around the world be restored to lives of dignity and hope. We work to cure and care for those affected and strive to end these devastating diseases in our time.
CFC# 10717

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Alliance for African Assistance

Empowers refugees, immigrants and other struggling communities in Uganda and the United States to break the cycle of poverty and the legacy of war through resettlement support, educational sponsorships, and financial assistance.
CFC# 12364

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