New York Times Letter to the Editor

Sunday, March 8, 2009: Aid for Africa Executive Director writes a letter to the editor of The New York Times calling for aid that provides micro-finance and other local-level support for Africa

To the Editor:

In her interview with Deborah Solomon (Questions for, Feb. 22), Dambisa Moyo was right to say that aid to corrupt African governments has missed the mark and that microfinance — which gives individuals the means to start small businesses — fosters more sustainable economic development. But so does building schools, training teachers and opening clinics, all of which are being done at the local level throughout Africa. Halting all aid in five years is not the answer — directing it correctly is. As we move to aid the U.S. economy through the stimulus package, we should not deny the same tools to our African neighbors.

Barbara Alison Rose
Executive Director
Aid for Africa
February 22, 2009