Tanzania Education Fund

Supports girls and boys, many of them orphans, through scholarships and the Girls' English Language Immersion Initiative. We provide students, teachers and the greater community with healthcare through the Modern Medics Tanzania Clinic.

Tanzania is a stable East African democracy, but it is a very poor country. Many children don’t attend school simply because there are very few schools in existence.

tanzania-education-photo2Charles Sloan, who served with the Peace Corps in Tanzania in the 1990s, saw the need for a new school. He started the Nianjema Secondary School in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, and now manages the school.

Some 300 students now attend Nianjema. Already, the students are testing exceptionally well on national exams — in the top 10 percent in the country — and many of the students in the first graduating classes have gone on to college. The school accepts an equal number of girls and boys.

“Tanzania is very proud of this school,” Tanzanian Ambassador Ombeni Sefue said at a recent reception in the U.S. “It is making a real difference to Tanzanians, particularly to our young girls.”

The school is supported primarily by donations to the Tanzania Education Fund. One hundred percent of all donations are sent to the school. Over the years, these donations have built an impressive educational institution — one that is considered one of the best in Tanzania. The school now has three large classroom buildings, science and computer labs, a library, two large dormitories, and housing for teachers. More buildings are under construction and enrollment is expected to soon double.

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Banner photo: The Nianjema School Library has 7500 used books shipped from the United States.
Photo right: The Administration Building is one of 23 buildings on campus.
Photo left: Students playing volleyball following classes.

Donate Now to Tanzania Education Fund, Inc.


Your donation will help the Nianjema Secondary School expand and accept more students. Currently the school needs equipment for a new science lab and computers for a new library. Specifically, your donation can provide:

  • $100 medicine and daily treatment of students who have malaria.
  • $200 meat for the entire school for one day.
  • $600 tuition for one student for one year.
  • $800 electricity for one month.
  • $3,600 a six-year scholarship for one student.
  • $5,000 the annual shipment of used books, computers, printers, and other materials from the U.S. to Tanzania
  • $10,000 equipment for the science laboratory.

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