Solar Sister

Recruiting, training and mentoring women to run small solar light and clean-stove businesses in Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania in order to eradicate energy poverty in communities without electricity.

SolarSisterFlorenceRevisedSolar Sister is a network of African women bringing life-changing, affordable clean energy to their communities. We recruit, train and support local women to become clean-energy entrepreneurs, selling and delivering solar lights and efficient cookstoves to those who need it most.

In Sub Saharan Africa, where three-quarters of the population lives without access to modern energy, women often bear the greatest burden of energy poverty. Smoky kerosene lamps and open fires make the simple daily tasks of cooking, studying, traveling or running a business a challenge. At Solar Sister, we also know that women are the key to change. Women manage household energy, have the community networks to reach more people, and are motivated to improve life for themselves and their families, friends, and neighbors.

Solar Sister provides the backbone of women’s enterprise – with training, logistical support, and ongoing mentoring – so that any woman can build a business and transform life for herself and her neighbors. Every donation helps us launch the next Solar Sister entrepreneur. Since 2010, Solar Sister has built a network of over 2,200 entrepreneurs and has brought clean energy access to over 675,000 people across Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania.

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Solar Sister
419 7th Street NW
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T: 224-406-4483
F: 401-253-7252

Financial Information

Solar Sister is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Solar Sister entrepreneur Valentine helps her grandchildren study by solar light.
Photo: Solar Sister entrepreneur Florence delivers clean energy products to her community.

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Invest in a Woman. Invest in the Future. Solar Sister is more than a nonprofit organization, more than a business: it’s a sisterhood! By donating today, you can join the sisterhood and commit to bringing light, hope and opportunity to millions. Every $500 enables a new Solar Sister entrepreneur to participate in a year of training, mentoring, and support.

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