Solar Cookers International

Helps African women — including Darfur/Sudan refugees vulnerable to attack when gathering firewood — to make, use, and sell solar cookers for meal preparation, water pasteurization and environmental benefits.

Solar Cookers International spreads solar cooking techniques and safe water awareness worldwide, focusing on developing countries that have plentiful sunshine, diminishing sources of cooking fuel, and limited safe drinking water.

solar-cookers-photo1In the Darfur refugee camps of Chad, where women face assault and death as they search for fuel wood for their cooking fires, solar cookers are helping are keeping women and girls from attack  by providing the means of cooking without leaving the camps.

Solar cookers allow families to cook food and pasteurize water using the sun’s energy. Since 1987, our humanitarian and development assistance projects have improved the lives of thousands of families. While our work is global, we have focused on Africa, working in Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, and Zimbabwe.

  • In Chad, where we provide solar cookers to refugees and have found that large-scale solar cooking initiatives are feasible and provide safety, fuel conservation, economic savings, and health benefits.
  • Our project, Sunny Solutions, has helped thousands of Kenyans to use solar energy for cooking and water pasteurization as part of their regular household regimen.
  • Safe Water Project in Kenya is a unique partnership with Kenya’s Ministry of Health and Water Resources Management Authority to promote the use of the Portable Microbiology Laboratory, a simple way to assess water quality. It has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of water-related ailments, which currently affect more than half of the country’s 38 million inhabitants.

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Solar Cookers International is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Refugee families benefit from clean, safe solar cooking in Aisha, Ethiopia.
Video: Women displaced from Darfur, Sudan, learn to make and use solar cookers.
Photo: Simple solar cookers are made and sold by local entrepreneurial women in Nyakach, Kenya.

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