Kenya Education Fund

Provides high school scholarships to boys and girls in Kenya chosen for their academic potential, financial need, and desire to serve their community.

Children in Kenya face enormous difficulties in getting an education. Secondary school attendance is not funded by the government. The students must pay about $600 each year to attend school, but most rural, nomadic families earn less than $300 annually. Moreover, sending a child to school deprives the family of his or her labor. Girls are less likely than boys to be educated and are often married off at an early age. In addition, HIV/AIDS has left many orphans to be raised by relatives, who can ill afford to pay more school fees.

nomadic-kenyan-photo2In this environment, many young people lose hope. Many recognize the benefits of an education, but they have no choice but to rely on the generosity of “well-wishers” to make it possible.

The Kenya Education Fund (KEF), which was formerly known as the Nomadic Kenyan Children’s Educational Fund (NKCEF), provides high school scholarships to needy children in all eight provinces of Kenya. We currently support 500 students in more than 240 high schools and universities across the country. Students are chosen for their academic potential, motivation, need, and desire to work for the betterment of their people. We provide funds for tuition at high-quality boarding schools in addition to books, uniforms, mosquito nets,sanitary products, allowances for field trips, math equipment, and tutoring when necessary. We monitor the students’ performance to ensure that they continue to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.

An educated person has the potential to go on to university and a good job; they can also serve as an invaluable village resource, as a reader, a negotiator in markets, and an advocate for their people in a rapidly changing world.

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Kenya Education Fund
360 E. 72nd St., C3405
New York, NY 10021
T: (212) 792-6300, ext.6433
F: (212) 792-6350

Financial Information

Kenya Education Fund is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Kenyan high school girls in uniform line up on the porch of their school to greet visitors.
Photo right: Younger girls gather outdoors enjoying the security that school attendance provides.
Photo left: Many of our students have desks made of rough sawn lumber and no electricity to study by.

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With your support, we can say “yes” to more of our qualified applicants. You can provide:

  • $20 school and personal supplies for one term (four months).
  • $50 school and personal supplies for one full school year.
  • $100 school and personal supplies for two students for one school year.
  • $600 all high school expenses for one full school year.
  • $2,400 all high school expenses for four full school years.

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