Medical Care Development International

Provides technical assistance throughout Africa and other developing countries to improve maternal and child health, combat infectious diseases, and improve water and sanitation facilities.

The mission of Medical Care Development International is to enhance the wellbeing of people in developing nations through technical assistance in health and socioeconomic development. Our aim is to empower families with the knowledge and behavior they need to improve infant and child survival and maternal health and care.

medical-care-development-photo2We develop and disseminate tools and strategies that make it possible for people to get health care. We work with a full spectrum of organizations, from grassroots groups to multilateral donor institutions, to enable continuing improvements in the health care available to the neediest people on earth.

Medical Care Development International (MCDI) works in eight countries in Africa. Among our projects, we are helping to improve student health and nutrition, building wells and latrines, and mobilizing health workers and community volunteers for basic health care and health education. MCDI has also been an innovator in improving malaria diagnosis and has worked to rehabilitate people with war injuries and to train local prosthetic technicians.

Six years ago, we began a program to help the growing number of AIDS orphans in South Africa. Working with local partners, we built a model facility to provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children. The facility provides education, childcare, feeding, income-generating activities, and help in accessing childcare and educational grants. The facility also provides scholarships to orphans who are caring for younger siblings.

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Medical Care Development, International
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Financial Information

Medical Care Development International is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: Children of the Mavela childcare facility in South Africa.
Photo right: Testing for malaria in Equatorial Guinea.
Photo left: Patient receives training with physical therapy.

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You can support MCDI’s work throughout Africa, including the orphans and vulnerable children of South Africa.

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