Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

Provides medical relief to underserved children in Sub Saharan Africa and the developing world by creating health clinics and providing preventative health education programs and community outreach. We provide medical mission opportunities for volunteers.

The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) works to improve healthcare in Sub Saharan Africa and throughout the developing world. FIMRC builds health clinics and provides community outreach and preventative health education programs. Since 2006, FIMRC has been working in rural Bumwalukani, Uganda, to provide healthcare services to students and teachers at the Arlington Academy of Hope school and the community at large, reaching more than 10,000 children, women, and men each year. The clinic has 14 Ugandan staff members, 15 Community Health Educators, and receives more than 50 volunteers from universities and the medical community each year.

The clinic provides immunizations, training for community members in basic healthcare and common disease prevention, HIV/AIDS testing and education, and a number of innovative preventative health programs based on local needs. It is also the only clinic in the region that provides care to newborns. FIMRC also supports community groups that work with men, women, and children to directly influence the health and well being of families within the area.

FIMRC’s volunteers come from universities, medical schools and the medical profession. Volunteers travel to the clinic each year to support and expand the ongoing efforts of the organization through creativity and diverse skill sets.

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Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children
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Financial Information

International Medical Relief of Children is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: FIMRC provides needed health care in rural Uganda through its Bumwalukani Clinic.
Photo: The Ugandan clinic serves more than 100 patients each day.
Video: Volunteer from Rutgers University shares his experience in Bumwalukani, Uganda, during the summer of 2010.

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Your support will help sustain FIMRC’s clinic in Bumwalukani, Uganda, and expand its services to the children and their families in the area. Your donation of any amount will help provide access to medical services for the underserved.

For $300 you can support a Community Health Educator for a year to help ensure that the Bumwalukani community continues to have access to the benefits of FIMRC’s health outreach program.

Volunteer Opportunities

FIMRC accepts volunteers in Uganda and at headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. Volunteers in Uganda support the the clinic and community outreach programs. Volunteers work in the clinic and with local health groups on public health initiatives.


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