African Rainforest Conservancy

Supports grassroots projects that are saving African forests and building awareness of the environmental, economic, cultural and social importance of African forests in order to ensure they stay standing for generations to come.     

The coastal and mountain rainforests of Tanzania–known as the Eastern Arc– are under immense pressure: only 30 percent of the ancient trees remain standing, largely due to clearing for farming and logging. Such deforestation contributes to greenhouse gasses, compromises drinking water supplies, and depletes wildlife habitats.

african-rainforest-conservancy-photo1The African Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) believes that by empowering local people living in and near the rainforests, conservation is possible. Working alongside its field partner, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group, ARC supports grassroots conservation and development projects in 140 villages in eight mountain and coastal regions throughout Tanzania.  Together we are working to protect 250,000 acres of forest.

Our main project activities include:

  • Environmental education programs and school-run tree nurseries in 200 primary and secondary schools.
  • Tree planting to provide alternative sources of timber and fuel-wood so the forests are left untouched. Ten million trees have been planted.
  • Introduction of fuel-efficient cook stoves that use 50 percent less wood than traditional stoves. Some 2,000 households now  use fuel-efficient stoves.
  • Introduction  of alternative sources of income, including fishponds and butterfly farms, to discourage dependence on livelihood practices that threaten the future of the forests, such as illegal logging, charcoal production, and forest conversion to agricultural land.

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African Rainforest Conservancy is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: These rainforests have more than 1,500 plants and 114 vertebrate species found nowhere else on earth.
Photo: The Conservancy is helping village families plant trees to provide renewable fuel wood.

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ARC envisions a world in which Tanzanians and the rest of humanity enjoy and benefit from restored and conserved forests that are high in biodiversity. A donation of just $1.00 will protect 50 old growth trees for an entire year.

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