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Member Charities
Maasai group—Maasai Girls Education Fund—Barbara Lee Shaw

Find a Member Charity
School children—Books for Africa

Member Charities: Advocacy and National Development
Stop trafficking in persons—World Hope International

Member Charities: Arts and Culture
Museum for African Art—From Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria, an international tour of more than 100 bronze, terra-cotta, and stone sculptures, ranging in date from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries. Photo Courtesy: Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

Member Charities: Children, Women, and Families
Mother and children—World Hope International

Member Charities: Community and Economic Development
Boy with cows—Boma Fund

Member Charities: Education
South African boy reading—Ubuntu Education Fund, Rob Duker

Member Charities: Environment
Kenyan landscape—World Agroforestry Centre

Member Charities: Faith-Based
Angolan school children—RISE International

Member Charities: Food and Agriculture
Women with produce—World Hope International

Member Charities: Health and Medical Services
Doctor with child—Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children

Member Charities: Wildlife and Habitat Preservation
Rhino mother and baby—Friends of Conservation-Friends of the Masai Mara

Woman and baby—Maasai Girls Education Fund, Barbara Lee Shaw

Other Ways to Give
Women writing—World Hope International

Volunteer with students—Arlington Academy of Hope

Dancers—Maasai Girls Education Fund—Barbara Lee Shaw

HIV positive demonstration—Africa Action

Blog Page
Grevy zebras—Marina Cano Trueba

About Us
Woman with grain—International Livestock Research Institute

Where We Work
East African  rainforest—African Rainforest Conservancy

Board of Trustees
Sierra Leone women—World Hope International

Financial Information
Cattle in Niger—International Livestock Research Institute

Member Services
Women with produce—World Hope International

Buffalo at water hole—Fernando Rodrigues

Financial Information
Zambian farmer—World Hope International

Membership FAQ
Kenyan boys playing soccer—Carolina for Kibera

Boy with stick—Varina and Jay Patel

Join the Conversation
Voices from Nigeria—Kabissa

Privacy Policy
Grevy zebras—Marina Cano Trueba

Girl in a field—Children of Uganda

Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund

Front Page Flash: Arlington Academy of Hope, Children of Uganda, Invisible Children, ILRI: Stevie Mann

A New Approach, Why Girls: The Boma Fund

Donate: Children of Uganda

Man with bicycle—Photographer unkown


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