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Charity Organizations

Our members are involved in a wide range of activities that touch the lives Africans throughout the continent. Most member organizations work at the grassroots level, empowering people to build a better future for their children, families, and communities.

Whether a member provides critical medical care and supplies, preserves family livelihoods through sustainable farming innovations, or promotes the education of a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders, each offers desperately needed hope and help. To search for a charity by region or area of interest, please visit Where We Work.

Our member organizations meet specific tests of programmatic impact, fiscal accountability, and governance standards. We are pleased to provide this collection of trustworthy, effective charities working on the ground in Africa. View our full list of members by name only, or, to find a specific member, click on the first letter of its name below.

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Maasai Girls Education Fund

Works to improve the literacy, health, and economic well-being of Maasai women in Kenya through scholarships for girls and community education.
CFC# 11265

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Medical Bridges

Donates medical and surgical supplies and equipment to charitable medical care providers in Africa and other developing countries. Every $1 donation results in $2 worth of supplies.
CFC# 11643

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Medical Care Development International

Provides technical assistance throughout Africa and other developing countries to improve maternal and child health, combat infectious diseases, and improve water and sanitation facilities.
CFC# 11022

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Medicine for Mali

Provides medical services, supplies, health classes for women/children, clean water projects, and economic development, including microfinance loans, education, sustainable agriculture in Mali, West Africa.
CFC# 12171

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Transforming the lives of children born with clubfoot in Africa, and around the world, through low-cost, nonsurgical treatment, enabling them to live productive, healthy lives.
CFC# 66319

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mothers2mothers International

Prevents mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission through innovative mentoring program. Saves lives, combats stigma, and empowers African women through comprehensive support for HIV-positive pregnant women/new mothers.
CFC# 14257

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Museum for African Art

Supports and preserves African art, music, dance, film, and literature. Builds appreciation for Africa's historical and current impact on world culture. Trains teachers and educates students worldwide.
CFC# 12372

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