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Charity Organizations

Aid for Africa’s charities work throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Most are grassroots organizations, working with African partners to help children, families, and communities. Click on a member below to learn about its work.

A one-time or recurring donation to Aid for Africa helps support the work of all our member charities. You can also donate to one of our member charities directly by clicking the name of the organization below.

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Fistula Foundation

Helping women with obstetric fistula, a wrenching childbirth injury, through fistula repair, prevention, and educational programs--restoring women’s health and dignity throughout Africa and beyond.
CFC# 11521

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Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

Provides medical relief to underserved children in Africa and developing countries worldwide via the establishment of pediatric health clinics and medical mission opportunities for volunteers.
CFC# 11019

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The Fregenet Foundation

Provides primary education to needy children in Ethiopia through schools that also serve community health needs, ultimately reducing poverty, AIDS, gender inequality, political oppression.
CFC# 33713

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Friends of Conservation – Friends of the Masai Mara

Protects wildlife in the Masai Mara and other wildlife reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, through habitat conservation programs, anti-poaching efforts, youth education, and community development.
CFC# 11883

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