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Charity Organizations

Aid for Africa’s charities work throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Most are grassroots organizations, working with African partners to help children, families, and communities. Click on a member below to learn about its work.

A one-time or recurring donation to Aid for Africa helps support the work of all our member charities. You can also donate to one of our member charities directly by clicking the name of the organization below.

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Carolina for Kibera

Founded by a University of North Carolina graduate, US Marine. Supports sports programs, medical clinics, and girls' center in impoverished Kibera, Kenya. Named TIME magazine Hero of Global Health.
CFC# 11016

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charity: water

Brings clean, safe drinking water to people throughout Africa. Partners with local organizations to build and maintain wells. Uses 100% of donations for projects.
CFC# 79221

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Children of Uganda

Gives a hand up to orphans and vulnerable youth in Uganda by providing them with quality education, basic healthcare and skills training for self-reliance.
CFC# 11638

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ChildVoice International

Restores African children broken by war, who faced unspeakable brutality, in safe communities with loving, spiritual, and emotional care and effective education and training.
CFC# 93598

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