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Today is A Day to Recognize Girls

Carolina for Kibera operates programs that empower girls in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya

A global campaign to support the empowerment of girls has led to the United Nations designating October 11th as the very first International Day of the Girl.  Aid for Africa and its members applaud this effort and support girls throughout Sub Saharan Africa through programs focusing on social justice, education, health, and economic empowerment of girls.

To be a girl in Sub Saharan Africa is not easy.  Culture and tradition often keep girls at home while their brothers attend school.  Many are forced to undergo circumcision at age thirteen – a right of passage that leads to marriage soon after.  If a girl convinces her family to send her to a “free” government school, she often cannot go because she lacks the funds for a uniform or supplies.  And even if a girl begins primary school in Africa, she often doesn’t have the support she needs to continue through high school or college. As a result, fewer girls than boys graduate from primary, high school, and college.

Aid for Africa members are working to improve the status of girls. For example, Tostan is bringing social justice to girls through its community-led programs;  Carolina for Kibera offers programs that empower girls in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya; Maasai Grils Education Fund, which is helping to transform the attitudes of boys through workshops on gender equality; and Nuturing Minds, operates a school in Tanzania that welcomes poor  girls who have been forgotten by society, and others.

Aid for Africa is committed to educating of girls and young women through the Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund, which provides scholarships for African girls at all levels, from primary through university education.  There is no better way to connect girls and inspire futures than through education.

Help spread that word that girls matter and need our support!