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Keeping the Millennium Development Goals On Target

Millennium Development Goal 4 is to reduce child mortality. Thanks to Aid for Africa member Tostan, 38 Malian communities now ensure that children are vaccinated against preventable diseases.

The UN General Assembly meets this week in New York City to discuss how to accelerate efforts to meet its 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals. The eight goals were established in 2000 and agreed to by all countries to serve as a road map for helping the world’s poor.
Progress has been made on many fronts according to the latest UN report. Since 1990, half as many people are living in extreme poverty, 2.1 billion more people have access to clean drinking water, and the proportion of undernourished people in developing regions has decreased from 23 to 15 percent. However gaps remain. The child mortality rate for children under age five had dropped by 41 percent – 25 percent short of the goal. Maternal deaths have declined by 47 percent but the target is 75 percent.
Millennium Goal 8, which calls for a global partnership for development, is in many ways responsible for making all the other goals achievable. Toward this end, developed countries have provided economic assistance that includes aid ($26.2 billion to Sub Saharan Africa in 2012), debt forgiveness, and duty free market access for developing country exports.
Aid for Africa’s members are making contributions toward this goal at the grassroots level as well. Through partnerships among them and with their African partners on the ground, our members are making a difference in the lives of millions of people by empowering thousands to start their own businesses, planting millions of trees, providing more than a million people with clean drinking water, helping thousands of children attend school, protection wildlife, and much more.  Learn what they have accomplished in 2012 alone.