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Member Charities that work in South Africa

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Aid for Africa's members work throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Most are grassroots organizations, working with African partners to help children, families, and communities. If you want to support the work of a member, please contribute online through Google Checkout, by personal check, or through a workplace-giving program. For more information, please visit the Donate page.

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Southern Africa Legal Services Foundation

Fights for children’s and women’s rights, land and housing rights, HIV/AIDS rights, and environmental justice through the support of the oldest public interest law center and legal education in South Africa.
CFC# 57009

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South Africa Partners

Helps improve healthcare, education, and economic development in South Africa through partnerships with local communities and organizations. Focuses on the most vulnerable--women and children.
CFC# 12376

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Save Africa’s Children

Supports organizations throughout Africa that are meeting the needs of children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty, and war. Raises awareness in the United States of the children’s crisis in Africa.
CFC# 10724

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Planet Aid

Collects and recycles clothing from the US to support sustainable projects primarily in Africa to help the poorest communities improve incomes, food production, health and education.
CFC# 92217

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